Tom Berg (Co-Founder and Managing Partner)

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Tom is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of The Digital Ledger (TDL). In his role at TDL, Tom manages the various services provided by the TDL team, including B2B consulting, marketing for crypto projects and educational services for various industries/businesses which entails introducing them to distributed ledger and blockchain technologies. Tom also directly manages relationships between new tech start-ups (principally crypto and blockchain projects) and existing established businesses.

Before starting the TDL business, Tom studied at Western Illinios University and the University of Phoenix, after which he became an accredited Financial Advisor within the State of Washington. Tom spent the better part of the last nine years as an active researcher in the world of digital tech. After years of amassing knowledge in the digital tech space, Tom was seeking a way to utilize and apply his ever-evolving knowledge and insight into the rapidly emerging blockchain and fintech sector, and so he created the TDL business.

Additional to the TDL business, Tom is also a public advocate and educator of blockchain/ crypto-assets to the greater community. Tom only provides free education as he believes no one is a true expert in a constantly developing industry. To help advance the use and understanding of blockchain, Tom educates in physical and digital settings. This includes panel discussions at universities such as Northwestern Kellogg Business School and Roosevelt University. Tom’s education efforts also expand globally where he provides his knowledge on various digital platforms and this has afforded him the opportunity to use his talents to build global networks and contacts with many of the top 20 blockchain/crypto-asset projects.

Further to his educational quests and business ventures related to TDL, Tom also provides consulting to a US launched crypto-asset Hedge Fund and manages private crypto-asset investment portfolios for his private clientele via BlokTek Capital, LLC.

Tom is available for enquiries related to blockchain/fintech implementation projects, as well as private consultations. You can reach Tom at