We adopt blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to world economy through Kiosks, online local exchanges and POS terminals. We have been building the entire infrastructure for daily use. UniFox builds complex network for money transfer across all levels where every transaction is going to bring revenue for all FOX holders.

UniFox Projects


  • Stable cryptocurrency that behaves like FIAT – no volatility
  • 100% backed by index of assets – fully transparent
  • Connection of all currencies and payment services – liquidity
  • Connection with POS terminals – real use for payments
  • Fast transactions and own wallet – comfort
  • Runs on UniFox blockchain

Payment Kiosks – ATMs

  • Buy/sell cryptocurrencies for CASH – crypto ATM
  • Scan and check documents (e.g. ID card) – verification
  • Licensed as a payment terminal – certified
  • Processing loans, invoices or insurance – multifunctionality
  • 6000 ATMs by 2020

Online local exchanges

  • Buy/sell cryptocurrencies online with FIAT
  • Support of local FIAT currencies in each country
  • Comfortable for beginners in cryptocurrency
  • High level of security and automation

POS terminals

  • Easy payments at stores
  • The retailer accepts cryptocurrencies but receives FIAT
  • Connection to bank system – prepaid cards
  • Certificated terminals PAX and other – universal SW

UniFox exchange

  • Decentralized exchange running on UniFox blockchain
  • Deposit through any payment service or by cash – Unicash available
  • Support of cross-chain transactions (between different blockchains)
  • Decentralized and universal wallet + offline wallet
  • Possibility to trade different assets and connect DAPPs

Fox token

  • Fees are paid in Fox – utility token
  • FOX distributes dividends each month – security token
  • Each transaction in the system means price increase
  • Value of Fox depends on demand for crypto adoption to the Economy
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