Delivering blockchain technology to the real world

Phore is an ambitious blockchain platform and ecosystem based on a Proof of Stake (PoS) network with fast transaction speeds that can be either private or transparent. Rewards are given to network participations through a system of Masternodes and Staking to ensure decentralization, helping secure the network. An entire ecosystem of software capabilities and decentralized applications (dApps), unlike most Blockchain projects, has launched or are currently in development.

What Makes Phore Unique?

  • No Premine of any Coins
  • Completely Self-Funded and Sustainable
  • Has Real World Use Case with the Phore Marketplace
  • Upcoming Point of Sale (POS) Retail Integration through UniFox Partnership
  • First and Only PoS network with Masternodes to implement SegWit
  • Flexibility with Private or Transparent Transactions
  • Offers B2B Services for organizations interested in implementing blockchain technology
  • Launching Decentralized Crowdfunding into the Phore Marketplace
  • Launching Smart Contract Capability in Late 2018
  • Incorporated in Gibraltar in early 2018
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